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Description is a social application designed to meet new friends living close to you. The application is totally free of charge. is the the first internet service of its kind. It combines a games server, a chat server, a powerful social app... and even more.
Installation of the application is available without installation: On any personal computer or smartphone, using a modern browser such as
Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Samsung
by navigating to the website
If you prefer to install the application: Go to your favorite App-store, and search for app-icon-120x120px
A word from the author
« My name is Joel. I am an independant French software engineer. I published the first version of
back in 2011 under the name "
". And today in year 2022, I am proud to release a new version, with all the successfull features of the old application, but also with a lot of improvements. »
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« Join one of our communities. Welcome to, the first internet service dedicated to "social entertainment": Let's play with funny people. Let's talk with interesting people. Let's meet new wonderful people. And above all, let's have fun together! »
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