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How to play?
To move a piece, you can do it in two different ways:
The rules of the game
In the starting position, each player has several pieces placed on the board, constituting an army. Each piece has a specific movement pattern.
chess start

The two armies will fight, one move at a time. Each player will play one move, and let the enemy play his move.
They will capture enemy pieces, and advance into enemy territory, using combat tactics and military strategies. The goal of the game is to capture the enemy King.
The King
The king may move one square in any direction, so long as no piece is blocking his path.
chess king

The King may not move to a square:
The queen
The queen may move any number of squares straight or diagonally in any direction. It is the most powerful piece of the game.
chess queen

The rook
The rook may move in a straight line, any number of squares horizontally or vertically.
chess rook

The bishop
The bishop may move any number of squares diagonally. Each Bishop can only move on the same colour squares, as it started the game.
chess bishop

The knight
The knight is the only piece that can jump over a piece.
chess knight

The pawn
The pawn has different move patterns, depending on its position, and the opponent's pieces position.
chess pawn

Pawn promotion
If a Pawn reaches the edge of the board, it must be exchanged for a more powerful piece. It's a big advantage!
chess pawn promotion
« en passant »
The possibility of
« en passant »
Pawn capture arises when the opponent’s Pawn has just moved from its starting position two squares ahead and our Pawn is next to it. This kind of capture is only possible at this time and cannot be done later.
chess pawn enpassant
This rules exists to prevent a pawn from reaching the other side, without having to face the enemy pawns. No escape for cowards!
Castling in both directions: The King moves two squares in the direction of the Rook, the Rook jumps over the King and lands on the square next to it.
chess castle
You cannot castle:
King attacked
When the king is attacked by the enemy, it must defend itself. The King can never be captured.
chess check
A King must get out of the attack immediately:
If the King cannot escape from the check, the position is checkmate and the game is over. The player who did checkmate wins the game.
chess checkmate

A chess game can also end with a draw. If neither side wins, the game is a draw. The different forms a drawn game are the following:
hint Learn to play chess, for beginers
If you don't know how to play at all, you can use our application to learn how to play chess from scratch.