mail Email
What is it?
An email is a private message between you and another user. The emails are recorded on the server, so you can send a message to someone who is not connected to the server right now, and the person will receive the message later.
Email in the app is an internal messaging system. Only people who have an active account on the application can send and receive internal emails.
How to use it?
To send an email to a user, click his nickname. It will open a menu. In the menu, select talk "Contact", then mail "Email".
How to block it?
You can block incoming emails if you don't want to receive them. To do that, open the main menu. Press the settings settings button. Then select "forbidden Unsolicited messages > mail Mail" in the main menu.
If you want to block messages from a particular user, ignore him. To ignore a user, click his nickname. In the menu shown, select list "My lists", then userlist iggy "+ ignore".