appointment Meet people by going to appointments.
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What is an appointment?
, you can meet people virtually using the chat, the forum, the game rooms, etc. But you can also organize events in real life, and welcome guests, who can be friends of yours or total strangers.
Publish your event with a description, a date, and an address. Set the options of the event to fit your organization constraints, and wait for people to register.
How to use it?
To access this feature, go to the main menu, and select meet Meet > appointment Appointment.
You will see a window with 3 tabs: search Search, calendar Agenda, eye Details.
search The Search tab
Use the filters on the top to select a location and a day. You will see the events proposed for that day in that location.
Select an event by pressing the eye button.
calendar The Agenda tab
On this tab, you can see all the events that you created, and all the events that you are registered to.
Select an event by pressing the eye button.
eye The Details tab
On this tab, you can see the details of the selected event. Everything is quite self-explanatory.
hint Hint: Press the settings Settings button on the toolbar, and select appointment export "Export to calendar". You will then be able to add the event's details on your favorite calendar
(Google, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo)
, where you will be able to set alarms and much more.
How to create an event?
On the calendar "Agenda" tab, press the button create item "Create", and follow the instructions on screen.
Please read the moderator Rules for the appointments before doing so.
Appointment statistics
Open a user's profile. On the top, you will see usage statistics about the appointments.