moderator Help manual for moderators.
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Why are you a moderator ?
How to punish a user ?
Click the user's name. In the menu, select moderator "Moderation", and then select an appropriate action:
Ban from appointments?
When you ban a user, he will be banned from the chat rooms, the forums, and private messages (except with his contacts). But you also have to decide if you will ban the user from using the appointments or not. How to decide?
Reasons for moderation.
Do not use a random reason when you punish someone, or when you delete a content.
hint Hint: If you do not find an appropriate reason, then the person did not break the rules, and should not be punished. You cannot dictate your will to people because you are a moderator. You must help to maintain order, as a service to the community.
Bannishment length.
Extreme measures.
When you open the menu to ban a user, you have the possibility to use extreme measures. Extreme measures allow to set longer bannishments, and to use tactics against hackers and very bad people:
hint Hint: Only the moderators with a level of 1 or more can use extreme measures.
Do not abuse of your powers.
How to deal with public sex pictures ?
Sex pictures are forbidden in public pages. They are allowed in private conversations.
How to judge if a picture is sexual ?
How to remove sex pictures ?
History of moderation.
In the main menu, you can view the history of the moderations.
Moderation of the chat rooms list:
Moderation of the forum:
Moderation of the appointments:
Chat rooms shield mode.
hint Hint: If you leave the alert window opened on the first page, you will be notified of new alerts in real time.
Moderation teams & chiefs.
Server limit.
Do you want to quit the moderation team?
Secrecy and copyright.